Weather Charts on the NET

The NWS Gateway provides access to the latest version of the weather facsimile chart they operationally distribute. The charts are not altered or enhanced and are in the original black-and-white form used by NWS offices. These facsimile products are in a digital G4-1D (T4) code as defined in WMO Manual 386 for Global transmission and are enveloped in TIFF. You will probably need an external viewer to display TIFF files.

A chart reference guide is provided for your information. Additional charts will be added as limited staffing resources permit.

Please see the Amaster_index.html for a definition of these charts

These charts are also available via e-mail

These charts are available in the following WEB pages

Broadcast Service

GTSFAX Charts provided to the WMO Region IV Regional Meteorological Telecommunication Network [RMTN] satellite broadcast

NWSFAX Charts disseminated to the U.S. Weather Service Forecast Offices via satellite broadcast

MarineFAX Charts centrally produced for the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Radio Broadcast

HonoluluFAX Charts centrally produced for the NWS Pacific Region

AlaskanFAX Charts centrally produced for the NWS Alaskan Region

WAFSFAX Charts provided to the World Area Forecast System Satellite Broadcast [ Aviation WX ]

WEFAX EAST NWS Charts distributed via GOES Satellite Broadcast

WEFAX WEST NWS Charts distributed via GOES Satellite Broadcast

Additional Facsimile Charts At RTH Washington

Charts Received on the GTS Main Trunk Network from foreign sources

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