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Alaskan Significant Weather Fax Charts

NOTICE - You may use the FTP Server for an alternate download.

The significant weather products available are:

  1. Polar Stereographic
    1. Northern Hemisphere   FL250-600 24HR FCST [0000UTC run]
    2. North Pacific  FL250-600 FCST [1200UTC run]
  2. Mercator
    1. Central Pacific  FL250-600 FCST 120W-110E
    2. U. S. and Central America  Jet Stream also, FL250-600 FCST (20-130W & 50S-60N)
    3. Eastern Atlantic FL250-600 FCST 30E-120W

  • The latest version of each weather chart available for distribution from the NWS Telecommunication Gateway Server.
  • The charts are in G4 (T4) format and enveloped in TIFF for viewing. You will need an external or plug-in viewer to display the TIFF files.
  • A chart reference guide is provided for your information.
  • These files are also available via email.

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