GTS RMTN-IV Facsimile Charts

NOTICE--- for error-free downloads use the FTP Server

The charts are in G4 (T4) format and enveloped in TIFF for viewing.You will need an external or plug-in viewer to display the TIFF files.

If the products listed below do not appear in tabular form, you may want to view the plain text version of this page.

Products are available in the following categories:

  1. Standard heights/winds
    1. Polar Stereographic
    2. Mercator
  2. Surface analysis
    1. Polar Stereographic
    2. Mercator
  3. Marine
    1. Polar Stereographic
    2. Mercator
  4. Significant Weather

The latest version of each weather chart available for distribution from the NWS Telecommunication Gateway on the GTS (RMTN RA IV) satellite broadcast system to the Caribbean and Central American area is available on this server. This list is not in the order normally transmitted.

A chart reference guide is provided for your information.

These files are also available via E-mail

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