NWS Field Office Fax Charts

The latest version of each weather chart available for distribution from the NWS Telecommunication Gateway on the DIFAX ® satellite broadcast system to the WSFOs is available on this server. This list is not in the order normally transmitted.

The charts are in G4 (T4) format and enveloped in TIFF for viewing.You will need an external or plug-in viewer to display the TIFF files.

A chart reference guide is provided for your information.

If the HTML server is busy try the anonymous FTP server: ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/fax

Products are available in the following categories:

  1. Standard barotropic levels
    1000 MB 850 MB 700MB 500 MB 300 MB 250 MB 200 MB 100 MB

  2. Winds/Streamlines
    1. Winds
      Boundary Layer 24,000 feet 34,000 feet 45,000 feet
    2. Streamlines

  3. Surface analysis
    Continental U. S. Atlantic Pacific

  4. Weather Depiction/Significant Weather
    1. Weather Depiction
    2. Significant Weather
      1. Polar Stereographic
        Atlantic Pacific
      2. Mercator
        U. S., Central America Atlantic Pacific

  5. Radar Summary

  6. Thickness (SFC/1000 - 500 MB)

  7. Multi-Panel
    1. Forecast Series
      00 hour 12 hour 24 hour 36 hour 48 hour 60 hour
    2. 3, 4, 5 Day Forecast Thickness (SFC/1000 - 500 MB) Surface/Significant Weather Winds/Waves 500 MB 850 MB Relative Humidity/Vertical Velocity Miscellaneous

  8. Miscellaneous products
    Watch/Warning Thunderstorm Probability/Severe Weather Marine Pressure Change Observed Precipitation Observed Temperatures

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